Listing Type : Pet Training
Location : Bikaner
Opening Hours
  • Monday :09:23-10:23
  • Tuesday :09:23-10:23
  • Wednesday :00:00-01:00
  • Thursday :00:00-01:00
  • Friday :00:00-01:00
  • Saturday :00:00-01:00
  • Sunday :Closed

We Give Your Loving Pets Training in Bikaner

We provide dog friendly dog training for your pet (child). A team of
professional trainers helps your dog to understand your instructions
better and help you to know the right way to communicate with your dog.
For dogs from out of bikaner we also provide hostel and boarding
facilities. The courses we provide are

1. Basic and obedience dog training

2. Guard dog training (security dogs)

3. Show dog training

4. Advance dog training

So don’t wait.  For any query call us on 7728090642.

We are able to achieve the required standard of dog training for most Your dogs training within three weeks. However, if additional dog training was required it would be carried out free of charge with only standard boarding fees due. We are also able to offer shorter courses for dogs of certain breeds and at the optimum age for training together with courses aimed at tackling particular problems. Please ask for details. Your dog will be taught the following activities during the residential dog training course: Walk correctly on a lead without pulling Sit down Stay at distance Walk on Walk to heel Left and right turns Recall from distance All the above with dog distraction Social manners Door manners We train on a one to one basis and advance at a rate that suits your dog’s ability and temperament. As the course progresses the training activities become more difficult culminating in activities with other dogs present to provide realistic distractions.
Dog Trainer in Bikaner Special Dog Training with our Expert As the business expanded other staff were brought in to increase the range of services provided. We are now able to offer specialist dog grooming, cat boarding in addition to dog training and boarding. The original aim of the business was to provide quality animal care and services and we are continuously trying to improve on the standards we set.
vishal kushwaha
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